Pumpkins are a halloween superfood

The Halloween Superfood: 5 Hidden Health Benefits of Pumpkins

The Halloween Superfood: 5 Hidden Health Benefits of Pumpkins Pumpkins aren’t just a popular Halloween decoration. Pumpkins are a superfood that possesses incredible health benefits. Pumpkins are loaded with disease-fighting … read more

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Fixing Dad – Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes

“Fixing Dad” is an inspiring story of a family who help their father reverse his Type 2 diabetes. Here we will review the process of reversal of diabetes, who can … read more

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Top Tips to Lose Weight During Ramadan

What happens during Ramadan fasting? Ramadan or Ramzan is the Islamic holy month where healthy Muslims fast. Muslims fasting should refrain from food and liquids between dawn and sunset, which … read more

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