Tips to enjoy a guilt-free Christmas dinner!

During the holidays, food often becomes the centrepiece which brings families together. To help you to enjoy this Christmas and indulge in your favourite foods without guilt, follow these 8 simple tips:
Eat a bit of everything in small quantities. By doing so, you can eat more food without feeling uncomfortably stuffed.
Allow yourself to savour your food – give yourself time to taste the food. By practicing mindful eating, you will notice that you will be satiated faster.
Do not restrict your eating before your Christmas feast. Eat normally and respect your hunger. Skipping meals result is overeating, this means that if you skip meals before your Christmas feast, you are at risk of overindulging.
Do not count calories. In doing so, you fail to assess the quality of what you are eating and do not feel the hunger and satisfaction signals that your body is sending you, causing mindless overeating.
Focus on the pleasure of eating and the sensations felt while eating. Eating with guilt makes you overeat while eating with pleasure makes you eat less food.
Practice good sleep hygiene. Getting 7 hours of sleep will reverse the increase in hunger and quantity of food you consume.
Do not follow restrictive diets that cut off food groups or reduce quantities. If a diet leaves you unsatisfied, it is a bad diet.
If you overindulge, it is okay. Be sure to revert to your old routine and do not think about restrictions. You will not gain weight over one
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