Join with a Buddy!

Join our simplyweight programme with a buddy for extra motivation!

Research shows that outcomes are better when people join weight loss programmes in the company of others. The attendance and commitment is improved due to accountability. 

Why join with a buddy?

Our specialists including doctors, dietitians, motivational experts find that people who are happy to work in small groups perform better. Joining with a buddy who is a close friend of family member is very likely to increase success for both of you. By going through this journey together, you each ensure that the other remains motivated to achieve their goals. By sharing both successes and setbacks you will never feel like you’re on this journey alone. 

Is the price different?

Yes! It is cheaper to join with a buddy. As expected, joining together with someone else means the overall programme cost can be cut significantly. The exact per person cost depends on the intensity and requirements of the programme. Each individual must however have a separate initial consultation so that we can assess them properly.

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