Medications for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Programme using Medications (including Mysimba, Orlistat and Saxenda)

Weight Loss using Medications

Currently in the UK, the there are three medicines, which  are licensed to be used for Weight Loss. These are known as Mysimba, Orlistat and Saxenda. There have been several weight loss medications, which have come and gone. The London Obesity Clinic will only use medications, which are licensed in the UK.

Weight loss medications work only if you make appropriate lifestyle changes simultaneously supported by a dedicated teamFor details about specific medications, please contact our team. 


Weight Loss programme using Medications

Our specialist will thoroughly assess you before any medication is prescribed. During the period you are on the medication, a team will monitor you closely. All side effects will be explained to you before the medication is commenced.

We will also ensure you have understood and signed a document to confirm that you understand the precautions, side effects and frequency and dosage of medication. You can join the 3-month weight loss medication programme after your initial consultation.

 What does the 3-month Weight Loss medication programme include?

  • Initial consultation with Consultant Physician
  • Initial online review by Specialist nurse if required
  • 100 day online programme
  • Continuous support by specialist team online
  • Follow up with consultant between 8th -12th week.
  • Medications for 3 months.

 What is the Fee for the specialist 3-month Weight Loss medication Programme?

The fee for the 3-month Weight Loss medication programme depends on the medication and intensity of support you need. This will be determined after your initial consultation.

Price for this programme can vary from £750 to £1950 for a 3-month package. There is also an option for on-going care for weight maintenance.  Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of weight management as without sufficient support, most people are likely to re-gain the weight after a while.

Don’t want to go alone? Why not join a group?

Our specialists including doctors, dietitians, motivational experts find that people who are happy to work in small groups perform better. Working in small groups of known people not only improves outcomes but reduces the total cost. We provide an option in the specialist weight management programme to join in groups of 5 or less. For further details please e-mail

If you wish to see a specialist for an initial consultation and join our programmes then please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch shortly.