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Dr. Maha Hamdan


Dr Hamdan, MBChB; MRCP; MSc; FRCPE has over 10 years’ clinical experience in managing people with obesity and its related complications
as an important part of multidisciplinary team. She has a patient’ centred approach.
She is very passionate and skilful in helping people lose weight and maintain weight loss through
different clinical pathways depending on age of the patient, stage of life, functionality, cultural needs,
social and economic background.

Her special interest is in field of obesity and diabetes, and is working on a new project on risk evaluation
of obese people with diabetes. She had many posters published in the Obesity Review Journal and in
the Royal College of Physicians official journal.

She is fluent in Arabic as she worked in a large obesity centre in Gulf, where she became a member in
the International Obesity Advisory Board and was involved in the Gulf countries campaigns to mitigate
diabesity. Her work includes assessing the root causes of obesity then designing a personalised weight
loss plan according to patient’s needs coupled with evidence-based weight reduction approach that
meets the needs of her patients, family and carers.

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