India's First Specialist
Weight Management Centre

India's First Specialist
Weight Management Centre

Who are we?

Simplyweight launched The London Obesity Clinic in 2012 at UK’s most prestigious health district, Harley Street, London. A dedicated and passionate team of healthcare professionals joined up to provide people with holistic and bespoke weight management interventions. The team collectively has decades of experience managing obesity and weight-related medical problems such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Over the last 10 years, we have provided evidence based medical interventions to people all over the world. Now we wish to serve the people of India with the knowledge and insight we have acquired over the last decade.

What makes our approach unique

We don’t believe in fad diets or a “one size fits all” approach to weight management. Every patient is unique so our aim is to assess your needs, medical history and underlying causes for obesity. After an in-depth clinical assessment and investigations, our team will offer you a personalised plan to achieve healthy, sustained weight loss.

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that all your health needs are looked after, from diet and activity to emotional wellbeing and any medical issues.

Long-term Support

We don’t believe in temporary fixes. Through consistent and ongoing care we ensure that your weight and associated medical conditions are managed effectively in the long run.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our diverse and highly experienced team are equipped to deal with a wide range of weight-related medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, heart disease, infertility, hormone imbalances etc.

Education & Training

The London Obesity Clinic provides excellent training and education for team members, professionals, and ambitious students.

Cutting-Edge Research

We strive to be a leading research facility in the field of weight management and bariatric surgery.

Personalised Service

We tailor bespoke programs to suit your needs as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in weight loss.

World-Class Care

The London Obesity Clinic was set-up by Simplyweight to provide uncompromised, world-class care to our clients from all backgrounds.

How it works

All our plans are designed to help you lose and maintain weight in the long term by addressing the 3 key pillars of weight management: diet, activity and the mind. This is combined with decades of medical expertise to bring you weight loss solutions that are safe, effective and long-term.



Regular physical activity is important for weight loss but who said you have to buy expensive equipment or gym memberships? Simaktiv’s goal is to add physical activity into your lifestyle in a fun and convenient way. Our own workouts range from dance and Pilates to HIIT cardio. We even have low impact workouts and chair-based exercises for those with mobility issues.


Don’t like counting calories? Don’t worry, we don’t either! Simportion teaches the art of portion control for weight loss. We call it an art because a healthy diet should be flexible and enjoyable. Our experts have derived a formula to calculate ideal portions based on your personal details. By self-managing your portions and understanding nutrition, you can enjoy your favourite foods with zero guilt.


Emotional and mental wellbeing is at the forefront of our Plans. We offer a wide range of guided meditations, soundscapes and written materials to help you overcome the personal challenges that prevent you living your best life.Our intuitive approach comes from combining the valuable knowledge grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and the direct, life experiences of our team. This personal style is why Simpeace resonates with so many of our patients.



Dr. Rajeswaran and his team have decades of combined experience in specialist weight management. Our skill set allows us to effectively treat weight-related medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Infertility, PCOS and other complex conditions alongside helping you to lose weight sustainably. Our scientific approach helps you to re-programme your hunger pattern gradually and we ensure that our patients receive the necessary understanding of how their own bodies and minds work.

Our Specialties

We offer bespoke, weight management interventions for men, women and children over 12. We also help with weight-related medical conditions such as:


This program addresses all the issues faced by you and supports you with long-term weight loss. We also address weight-related medical conditions to help you prevent weight gain in the future.
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Our specialist has more than 20 years experience dealing with complex, poorly controlled diabetes and its associated complications.
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We deal with complex thyroid problems including underactive or overactive thyroid and also thyroid nodules.
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Weight gain is not always due to physical health. Once deeper investigations are carried out by our CBT specialist, we find that emotional experience has interfered with weight.
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Our mission is to help young people overcome their struggle with weight, mend their relationship with food and enjoy the quality of life that they deserve.
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Following an endocrine assessment, out team offers a holistic care plan to manage PCOD. We also help women with PCOD to lose weight and help improve fertility and confidence.
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Menopausal women often struggle to lose weight. Additionally, they can suffer from night sweats, sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, mood changes and other metabolic abnormalities.
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This is serious condition that affects the physical and mental health of many men. Proper diagnosis of any underlying conditions and personalised treatment plans are the keys to good outcomes.
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The pituitary, along with hypothalamus, controls metabolism and other endocrine glands in the body. This master gland controls thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, testicles and other glands.


Cushing’s syndrome, Conn’s syndrome and Addison’s disease are some of the adrenal problems that lead to tiredness, weight gain, weight loss and life-threatening illness.


Infertility can be distressing for both men and women. Underlying endocrine causes should be ascertained and managed for successful outcomes in both genders.
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This can lead to headache, tiredness, kidney stones, kidney failure and fractures. Prompt diagnosis and management improves health and quality of life.


This can be a debilitating condition affecting women and girls. Excessive facial hair can seriously affect confidence and self-esteem. Proper diagnosis of the underlying cause is vital.


People who do not get sufficient, undisturbed sleep often live a poor quality of life due to tiredness. Fatigue or tiredness is a common problem in 4-45% of people. We help diagnose and manage tiredness.


This condition is now more common with the increasing prevalence of obesity. Untreated fatty liver can lead to serious liver problems including cancer.
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In addition, we also investigate:

Female Hyposexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), osteoporosis, uncontrolled blood pressure and Hyponatraemia

Wellness before Weight

It’s important to have a healthy weight, but it’s even more necessary to have emotional and mental health. All of our care is designed with this in mind.

One of our main goals is to transform your life into one that’s full of peace, joy and fulfilment. You certainly do not need to wait for a change in the scale to be happy!

Wellness before Weight

It’s important to have a healthy weight, but it’s even more necessary to have emotional and mental health. All of our care is designed with this in mind.

One of our main goals is to transform your life into one that’s full of peace, joy and fulfilment. You certainly do not need to wait for a change in the scale to be happy!

Our Chief Doctor

Dr C. Rajeswaran (A.K.A Dr Raj) is a Consultant Physician in diabetes, obesity & endocrinology working in a large hospital within the National Health Service (NHS), United Kingdom. He has clinics across the country including several clinics in Nuffield hospitals and also runs the reputed ‘The London Obesity Clinic’ at 10 Harley Street, London. He is extremely passionate about helping people with weight management, particularly for those with diabetes. His specialist interests include complex severe obesity, diabetes, and diabesity.

What our clients say

Their transformations are not just on the outside!

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