DNA Weight Loss Plan

DNA Weight Loss Plan

You must have tried several weight loss plans in the past and succeeded for a short time before regaining the weight you have lost. Some regain much more weight than they have lost. You also must be wondering why a certain weight loss plan helped some one but did not help you.

With recent research we do know that there are several factors involved, which control your body weight. It is not just about eating less and exercising more. Research has now revealed the extent to which our genetics control our metabolism and thereby affect our ability to lose weight. Sleep quality, meal times, food sensitivity and stress are some of the other factors which interfere with weight loss.

As an example, here we will discuss FTO gene or the obesity gene. FTO gene is known to be associated with body composition and fat distribution. Studies have shown that people who have FTO gene variant lost more weight including fat if they consumed a moderate to high protein food. This group of people who followed this diet lost more visceral fat, which is linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Weight regain could also be predicated as in the FTO gene variant as they also lost muscle mass. By planning ahead for people with this gene variant weight regain can be avoided. So if you know what genes you have, a personalised plan could be incorporated for long term success.

As explained above most weight loss programmes are still relying on the old myth of “calorie intake & calories burnt”. Personalised gene based interventions is now becoming a reality. Nutrigenomics and personalised intervention based on genetic analysis, helps people who have struggled to lose weight using standard weight loss programmes. However, a genetic defect, which is identified on testing, may not always be expressed and hence you need a personalised and intensive support for long-term success. Genetic defect will determine if you have a protective or negative genotype.

Please see below some gene which will be tested:

  • TFF7L2- hormone (In) secretion
  • LEPR-Appetite control
  • FTO-Obesity and Type 2 diabetes
  • COMT- Stress
  • FKBPS-Cortisol regulation
  • ACE-Blood pressure and electrolyte imbalance
  • CLOCK-sleep and diurnal rhythm

DNA analysis for digestion, sleep, exercise, stimulants, metabolism and stress would be analysed before providing a personalised weight management programme. The tests and interpretation of results will vary from person to person.

If you have been through several weight loss programmes, regained the weight and would like to join this simplyweight plan for a solution that works, please email for more details on hello@simplyweight.co.uk.

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