Food Intolerance & Weight Loss

Food Intolerance & Weight Loss

People, who are overweight or obese, struggle to lose weight, if they are intolerant to any particular food or food groups. This usually results in not having a balanced meal but can also result in consuming high energy food. Food intolerance can lead to people sticking to a certain type of food resulting in mineral and vitamin deficiency and thereby leading to tiredness. They also struggle to stick to any particular diet and give up.

It is important to determine which particular food or food groups you are intolerant to. Thereafter we plan a personalised meal plan and weight loss plan for effective and sustained weight loss. A food intolerance test and not an allergy test will be done. These test results help our team to design the most appropriate plan for you.

The tests will not identify all the different types of food sensitivity (such as lactose intolerance), and it is not diagnostic of coeliac disease. If coeliac disease is suspected a separate test will be requested in addition to the food intolerance test.

There are many hidden ingredients in the food we consume. Therefore, you may not consciously be aware of eating some of the items that you are supposed to avoid. After the test we will advice you accordingly to carefully review the list of ingredients and avoid them.

If you have already been successfully excluding certain foods from your diet due to a previously suspected intolerance then that intolerance may not show up on the results.

If required a stool test will also be done to determine if you have dysbiosis microbial imbalance.

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