Specialist Weight Loss for Children & Teens

Why should we care about childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is a serious concern that needs better and earlier management. An NHS survey estimated that 28% of children aged between 2 and 15 were classed as medically overweight or obese. Overweight/obese children are far more likely to stay or become obese in adulthood and risk complications such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and certain cancers.

The World Health Organisation notes that childhood obesity increases the risk of premature death and disability in later life. Our mission is the help young people overcome their struggle with weight, mend their relationship with food and enjoy the quality of life that they deserve.

Our approach

Our highly qualified specialist team treat children aged between 6 and 15 for obesity and co-morbidities such as Type 2 Diabetes. For children aged between 16 to 18, we offer a “Teens” plan that is better suited to deal with the complex problems faced at that stage of life. We are the only medically supervised weight management service that caters for children and teenagers.

For young people it is vital that they have the support of their family/guardians to ensure long-term success. You and your child will have a detailed initial consultation with a specialist to determine the true underlying cause(s) of weight gain. After the initial consultation with the family, a detailed consultation with a paediatrician will take place as part of the plan to determine if there are any underlying issues leading to weight gain. Following this, a tailored, comprehensive 12-week plan will be devised and delivered by our multi-disciplinary team.

Whilst all our plans take a holistic approach by using the 3 key pillars of healthy diet, exercise and mental wellness, the key to success in weight management for children is the continuous involvement of their loved ones. We keep family/guardians in the loop and get them participating actively in the process to achieve the desired end result, a healthy child in a happy and supportive family environment.

How can my child join the plan?

If you’d like to bring your child in for a consultation, please fill our the “Request an Appointment” form or email us at hello@simplyweight.co.uk. During the consultation a doctor will assess the needs of the child and the family before offering the most suitable path forward. Please note that a parent or guardian is required to be present during the consultation.

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