Weight Loss for Hypothyroidism

Weight Loss for Hypothyroidism

There are several causes for weight gain including hormonal causes. One of the most common endocrine problems known to result in weight gain is hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid.

People struggle to lose weight with hypothyroidism due to several reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Tiredness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Slow metabolism
  • Low mood
  • Altered bowels

Most people try several diets and lose some weight, only to regain all the weight they have lost and much more. As they gain more weight, they find the dose of thyroxine requirement goes up. In order to effectively manage both hypothyroidism and also lose weight a comprehensive approach is required.

It is important to rule out other associated endocrine problems as they can co exist with autoimmune hypothyroidism. In addition the exact cause for hypothyroidism has to be established. Our doctors if required may request certain thyroid genetic profile including TRHR, DIO1, DIO2, COMT,FKBPS, TSHR, PDE8B and TNF-alpha.

Thereafter a holistic management including simportion, simaktiv and simhappy will be offered as part of an intensive 12-week weight management plan whilst monitoring your thyroid function.

An optional long-term weight loss and maintenance plan is also available after the 12-week plan.

Please contact us if you need more information of our specialist weight management plan for hypothyroidism.

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