Weight Loss for Men

Weight Loss for Men

Though the prevalence of obesity and overweight is similar in most countries, men do not seek help to lose weight as much as women do. You will always find that most weight loss clubs, boot camps and clinics have more women attendees. The diet industry and clinics are not geared for men. Men with weight problem do have similar medical and psychological problems with weight gain. In addition they also have problems with sexual function, low self esteem and are under confident.

Most men find it difficult to express their problems in women only weight loss groups and do not engage regularly. More over the needs of men with weight problem are under appreciated. Women are motivated to lose weight to get slimmer and improve their body image. Men generally want to lose fat, build muscle and improve their overall strength, health and confidence.

With aging, hormonal changes occur which makes it difficult to shift weight. Again just going to the gym does not help. A holistic approach looking into the underlying medical conditions, medications, previous weight loss attempts, hunger pattern, hormonal disturbance and metabolism helps us to provide a tailored weight loss plan.

If you wish to see a specialist to discuss about the Weight Loss Plan for Men, please email us on hello@simplyweight.co.uk and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

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