How it Works

Our meticulous and tailored approach will ensure long-term success

Most people who seek help, have been through some diets or shakes or pills or even seen a dietitian. They must have lost weight and regained the weight they have lost. Some regain more weight than they have lost.

Weight loss is not just about eating less and exercising more.

There are several causes of weight gain including:

  • Hormonaldoctor consultation
  • Genetic
  • Altered metabolism
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Relationship problems
  • Altered hunger pattern
  • Unhappy childhood
  • Work pattern
  • Illness
  • Accidents
  • Operations
  • Medications and many more

Our expert team work on a 40-point system to devise a 3-month intensive programme to address the underlying cause for weight gain, help you lose weight and provide you the tools for long term weight maintenance.



Consultations, Bespoke Packages & Groups

We offer a wide range of personalised programmes to suit your lifestyle, hunger pattern, hormonal problems, psychological issues and exercise tolerance.

Our bespoke weight loss packages also deal with weight-related medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, overcoming emotional eating, PCOS, infertility, hypothyroidismfatty liver, immobility due to arthritis, sleep apnoea, erectile dysfunction, weight loss for menopause and weight regain following weight loss surgery.



The process starts with a medical consultation where our specialists will holistically evaluate you. She/he will assess after obtaining a detailed history, physical examination and body composition the cause for weight gain. There after you will be provided with a detailed plan for a three-month programme. You will also be explained about the maintenance plan which a. For more details on the programme, please see below or visit our programmes page.

 Weight Loss Consultation








Weight Loss Programmes 

Weight loss is determined by several factors. You will be surprised to learn how your metabolism is affected by several uncommon factors like sleep, hunger pattern, hormones, gut motility, working pattern, stress, anxiety, exercise intolerance etc.

Our experts work on a 40-point system to create our bespoke 3-month programmes, which are broadly focused  around the 3 key pillars of our specialist weight management: diet, activity and the mind.

simportion: We teach you to self-manage portions and be able to enjoy all foods in moderation. You will be prescribed portions using our own specialist formula. We help you understand you hunger and fullness and also help your over come emotional eating.

simaktiv: Regular and varied physical activity is essential to good health and successful weight management. However, we don’t believe that physical fitness should be limited to the walls of a gym. Our wide range of workout videos covers activities from dancing and aerobics to High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT). For those who have problems exercising (arthritis, shortness of breath, pain) we have low impact options to accommodate your needs.

simhappy: simhappy is your very own life coach and motivational guru. We believe happiness should be the starting point of your journey, not the end result. This part of the programme tackles all issues relating to the mind and lifestlye, helping you overcome various barriers to weight loss such as emotional eating, guilt, fear, poor body image, anxiety, anger and many others.

groupsGroup Packages

Not every one wants to join a 1-2-1 programme due to financial reasons or feeling intimidated by the process. Not to worry, we have a solution for you too! Research shows that outcomes are better when people join weight loss programmes in small groups. The attendance and commitment is improved due to accountability. We ensure that our groups maintain a very positive and supportive atmosphere. You will not be judged or penalised and your progress will be kept confidential.

Our specialists including doctors, dietitians, motivational experts find that people who are happy to work in small groups perform better. Working in small groups of known people not only improves outcomes but reduces the total cost. We provide an option in the specialist weight management programme to join in groups of 5 or less. For further details please e-mail