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How it Works
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Our approach

Most of our clients who seek help have already been through various diet plans, commercial weight loss plans, meal replacements and used various food/fitness trackers or apps. They usually have positive results to start with but eventually end up regaining the weight. Some regain more weight than they initially lost, leaving them feeling very discouraged.

Is it calories in VS calories out?

Many people understand the concept of “calories in vs calories out” so it isn’t enough to tell them to eat less and exercise more. If it were that easy then we’d all be doing it without any problems! Having seen thousands of patients who struggle with weight, our medical experience has taught us the real complexities of weight management. Our secret is that there is no one secret to effective weight management! People gain weight for various reasons including hormonal, psychological, medical and the list goes on. How can we give a single solution to such a complex problem? Instead, our experts use a unique 40-point system to create plans which help address the underlying cause for weight gain, help you lose weight and provide you the tools for long term weight maintenance. We educate you so that you have freedom in your life and are no longer controlled by food. Why do I eat or overeat? How do I overcome cravings? Why do I not get hungry at the right time of day? How can I prevent stress or emotional eating? The goal is to help you achieve a physical and emotional well-being so that you can be happy and have a good quality of life. We care much more about you than a “number” on the scale. 

There are several causes of weight gain including:

  • Hormonal
  • Genetic
  • Altered metabolism
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Relationship problems
  • Altered hunger pattern
  • Unhappy childhood
  • Work pattern
  • Illness
  • Accidents
  • Operations
  • Medications and many more

How it works

All our plans are designed to help you lose weight and maintain the weight you have lost in the long term by addressing the 3 key pillars of weight management: simaktiv, simportion and simhappy.

We help you understand how these three key factors interact with your metabolism and hormones.


Regular physical activity is important for weight loss but who said you have to buy expensive equipment or gym memberships? simaktiv’s goal is to add physical activity into your lifestyle in a fun and convenient way. Our own workouts range from dance and pilates to HIIT cardio. We even have low impact workouts and chair-based exercises for those with mobility issues.


Don’t like counting calories? Don’t worry, we don’t either! simportion teaches the art of portion control for weight loss. We call it an art because a healthy diet should be flexible and enjoyable. Our experts have derived a formula to calculate ideal portions based on your personal details. By self-managing your portions and understanding nutrition, you can enjoy your favourite foods with zero guilt.


We believe that happiness is the journey, not the destination. Do you want to lose weight to become happy with yourself? Why not be happy right now? Our simhappy section will help you transform your life through guided meditations, affirmations, inspiring imagery, goal & routine setting and much more! simhappy also helps you destress and helps you overcome emotional eating.

Transform Your Life

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