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The London Obesity Clinic is the only holistic specialist clinic(s) in the UK providing personalised medical weight management solutions. A highly experienced team of Bariatric Physicians, Endocrinologists, Clinical Psychologists, Specialist Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Specialist Dietitians and Image Consultants work with you to not only help you lose weight but also address any medical problems, self-esteem and body image issues.


The London Obesity Clinic are the Global Leaders in Medical Weight Management

At The London Obesity Clinic, we provide a specialist medical weight management programme that provides totally personalised care. We offer both in-person and virtual support. Your weight loss plan will be designed by medical experts, meaning your individual programme will suit your specific health needs and ensure you achieve your goals. Each one of us has a unique metabolism and hence a tailored programme is offered based on your underlying hormonal conditions, hunger pattern and previous weight loss attempts.

Please note: We do NOT offer bariatric (weight loss) surgery at The London Obesity Clinic. However, we support people who have had weight loss surgery and have regained weight.

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