Simplyweight: The Specialist Weight Loss Plan

A revolutionary, holistic weight management programme designed by medical specialists and tailored to suit your needs.


Most people who seek help from our experts are those who have been through several diets, medications, dietitians and meal replacements. They have been successful in losing weight for a short time and have then regained the weight. They not only have weight regain but have weight related medical and psychological issues.

This programme addresses all the issues faced by you and supports you with long term weight loss. We also address weight related medical conditions including diabetes, erectile dysfunction, sleep apnoea, PCOS, hormonal problems, emotional and mobility issues.

How does it work?

The first step is a comprehensive consultation by one of our specialists. This will include a thorough look into your medical background, weight-related conditions, sleep/hunger pattern, body composition analysis and more. After this our team will design a bespoke, 3-month intensive programme for you based on your needs. After the programme there is a maintenance period to ensure that the weight you lose stays off. You will have an offline and online support throughout the 3-month programme. You’ll have the option to continue this support up to 12 additional months.

Our programmes are split into 3 key phases. Here is a brief description of each:

  1. Induction – In this initial stage we will work together to agree on your weight and non-weight related goals. You will be thoroughly assessed by our consultant physician and have detailed consultations with a dietitian and simhappy expert. The team will help you establish healthy eating, sleeping and lifestyle patterns by reviewing your hunger, sleep and metabolic profiles. You will have baseline tests done and be provided with all the necessary tools to make your journey a success!
  2. Booster – This is the most intensive part of the programme and the stage where you will see the fastest results. Our team will reinforce your healthy habits in addition to helping you reset hunger patterns and deal with any other barriers such as emotional eating, cravings etc. We will keep you motivated throughout with constant communication and review your goals at regular intervals.
  3. Maintenance – Losing weight is the easy part! Our job is to help you keep it off. This is why maintenance is the most important aspect of the simplyweight programme. We will not only revisit your goals but put together another plan for the long-term to prevent weight re-gain.


How are we different from all the other weight loss plans?

We get asked this a lot! The best way to explain is to see all our wonderful clients and their success stories on our testimonials section. We have tried to sum up our uniqueness in 2 points:

1. Medical Experience – Our specialist team have hundreds of years of combined experience between them. Having seen 1000’s of patients each year, we have developed the know-how and intuition that makes us best positioned to help you achieve your goals.

2. Holistic Care – Everyone who comes to us has the common goal of weight loss. Fair enough. However, a couple of weeks in, each of our clients have had a whole world of opportunities open up for them. They come to understand the complexity of weight management and that is it simply not just about calorie counting and exercising. Our team helps you transform your life by dealing with the true cause of weight gain which usually goes undetected. These include: emotional eating, hormonal problems, PCOS, medication side effects, stress, guilt, fear, low self-esteem, relationship problems, poor sleep hygiene and hundreds of others!

What is the cost?

The Initial Consultation fee is £200. For a full price list please see our consultation page.

An Endocrinologist or Bariatric physician after detailed clinical analysis, examination will recommend a programme most suited for you. Depending up on intensity of the healthcare professionals involved, admin team will provide you detail of cost of the programme.

Don’t want to go alone? Why not join a group?

Our specialists including doctors, dietitians, motivational experts find that people who are happy to work in small groups perform better. Working in small groups of known people not only improves outcomes but reduces the total cost. We provide an option in the specialist weight management programme to join in groups of 5 or less. For further details please e-mail

If you wish to see a specialist for an initial consultation and join our programmes then please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch shortly.