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How to Have Good Sleep Hygiene?

Improving sleep hygiene is essential for better rest and overall health. Signs of poor sleep hygiene include difficulty falling asleep and daytime fatigue. To maintain good sleep hygiene: Prioritising sleep hygiene can

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Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as Karkadi, is a versatile plant with edible parts, primarily the calyx. It is recognised for its medicinal properties and nutritional benefits, including antioxidants. Traditional uses include treating

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Are you Normal Weight & Obese

Are You Normal Weight & Obese?

Obesity is a growing concern in all age groups and the prevalence is rapidly increasing worldwide. A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 kg/m² is considered overweight and 30 kg/m² is considered

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Why Can Obesity Lead to Cancer?

What is obesity? Obesity is increasingly prevalent now in India. Increase in weight has an impact on people’s physical and mental health.  Overweight and obese people are more susceptible to: In addition,

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