Food Intolerance & Weight Loss

Struggling with weight loss due to food intolerance can be frustrating and challenging. If certain foods or food groups trigger intolerance reactions, it can hinder efforts to achieve a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight. Here’s how we can help you overcome this obstacle at our clinic.

Understanding the Impact of Food Intolerance on Weight Loss

Food intolerance can disrupt weight loss efforts by steering individuals towards alternative, often energy-dense foods. This shift not only undermines calorie reduction goals but also compromises the nutritional balance of meals. Moreover, food intolerance may lead to fatigue and hinder adherence to specific dietary plans, ultimately impeding progress towards weight loss goals.

Our Clinic’s Approach

  • Comprehensive Consultation: Your journey begins with a detailed consultation with our bariatric physician. During this session, we’ll explore underlying factors contributing to weight gain and assess any indications of food intolerance.
  • Specialised Testing: To pinpoint specific intolerances, we conduct food intolerance tests tailored to your needs. These tests provide valuable insights into potential triggers and inform the development of personalised dietary plans.
  • Personalized Meal Plans: Based on test results and expert recommendations, our team designs personalised meal plans tailored to your unique dietary requirements and weight loss goals. We prioritise balanced nutrition while accommodating intolerances to ensure sustainable and effective weight loss.
  • Holistic Support: Our multidisciplinary team, including dietitians, provides ongoing guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey. We help you navigate ingredient labels, identify hidden triggers, and make informed food choices to optimise your progress.
  • Additional Testing: In cases where microbial imbalance (dysbiosis) is suspected, we may recommend stool testing to assess gut health and inform targeted interventions to restore balance and support weight loss efforts.

Get Started Today

If you’re struggling to lose weight due to food intolerance, our clinic offers specialised support to help you overcome obstacles and achieve lasting results. Reach out to us via email at [email protected] to learn more about our personalised weight loss programs and schedule a consultation.

Don’t let food intolerance hinder your journey to better health and well-being. Together, we’ll develop a tailored approach to address your unique needs and empower you to achieve your weight loss goals effectively and sustainably.

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