Meet Our Team Member


Mrs. Kala Rajeswaran


I am a warm, empathetic and compassionate cognitive behaviour therapist with excellent abilities to form therapeutic alliances with various clients. My main experience is of working with people suffering from weight problems and associated conditions. Behaviour and mind play a vital role in emotional health, which directly affects the way someone eats and lives their life. I work with both groups and individuals and can efficiently manage risks on my own.  

Relevant Qualifications: Accredited Level 5 CBT Counsellor, Diploma for Teaching Meditation.

Techniques used in behavioural management:

  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • visualisation
  • positive affirmations
  • positive thinking as part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

As a CBT counsellor, I help people identify and understand their thought patterns, provide innovative ways to identify and realise those patterns of thought in order to change the way they feel. 

9 out of 10 patients have reported that, with my support and guidance in incorporating mindfulness and meditation into their daily routines, they were able to reduce stress levels and lead a more peaceful life whilst achieving a sustained, healthy weight.