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Ms. Francine Joyce, registered nutritionist

Ms. Francine Joyce


Francine Joyce is a French nutritionist who graduated in Dietetics in Paris and is now on the French Embassy’s register in London. She has worked in hospitals in France (in oncology, geriatrics, surgery, and endocrinology) and the UK (in intensive care, and gastroenterology at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital London) and for the Prader-Willi Association (for patients suffering from genetic obesity). She has also taken part in research studies in the food industry, in particular for the Danone Group.

She makes nutritional assessments and analyses the quantity and quality of your food intake to provide “made to measure” programs that:

meet your specific needs (according to your way of life, tastes, health, professional activities, culture, and family environment)
help you slim down and avoid putting the weight back on
enable you to gradually change your eating habits
make you rediscover fitness and good health
She takes into account your body mass index, fat mass levels, and metabolism to set objectives and plan preventative as well as therapeutic strategies.

Francine offers guidance on how to maintain energy levels, avoid tiredness, cravings and emotional eating.

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