Overcoming Emotional Eating

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is due to emotions. People who are serial dieters always find that they do not achieve long-term weight loss due to emotional eating. Unless emotional eating is addressed, people will never succeed in long-term weight management. 

Recent research shows that there is a physiological and hormonal basis to emotional eating and disordered hunger patterns. Evidence reveals that people who lose weight and regain have a complex relationship with food.

What is emotional eating?

Emotional eating is a tendency to eat in times of stress, guilt, anxiety, anger, sadness, boredom, loneliness and many other factors. People use food to cope with their emotions and in the process consume extra unwanted calories. Most people who emotionally eat prefer unhealthy foods that are high in fat or sugar. 

The Initial Consultation and Plan

Our team of experts will thoroughly assess and support you in overcoming emotional eating.

Firstly, there is a detailed consultation with our bariatric physician who will evaluate all the underlying hormonal/physiological causes for weight gain. Your hunger pattern will be assessed and if required, appropriate investigations will be requested. Depending upon the type of hunger pattern and trigger(s) for emotional eating, you will be offered a personalised 12-week weight management plan to overcome emotional eating. You will also be able to join a maintenance plan for additional ongoing support.

Our experts use a variety of techniques including: 

  • Identifying triggers for emotional eating
  • Providing tools and techniques to help you react to these triggers
  • Study and help you alter your hunger profile over time 
  • Correct any hormonal disturbances 
  • Provide a structured plan for sustainable weight loss 

What do our successful clients say?

“I feel completely liberated for the first time and I feel I do not need to diet anymore!” – Jackie, Leeds

“Initially I thought it was hocus pocus but as the weeks passed I feel so much happier and confident. In addition I’ve reached my goal weight.” – Julie Freeman, Wakefield

“I’m losing more weight than in any other diet but it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting.” – Rachel Diamond, England

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