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What’s weight loss without peace of mind? We can
help you attain both! Join us on a transformational
journey to a healthier, happier and fulfilled life.

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Medical Insights

Our medical specialists have years of knowledge to provide you medical topics which are all linked to weight or wellness


Want to stay fit but not go to the gym? No problem! We will provide you tips on cost effective workouts which can be done anywhere

Healthy Eating

Throw out those fad diets and learn the art of portion control with Simportion. Get regular content on how you can improve your diet


Be happy. Lose weight. In that order! We put wellness first as being happy is the first unlock to the long-term road to sustained weight loss

What We Do

The London Obesity Clinic strives to provide
exemplary care for anyone who is struggling with
weight management or weight-related medical
conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, Infertility,
Hypothyroidism and other complex issues. Our team
of experts have decades of collective experience in
their fields, with each individual bringing their own
unique touch to enhance patient care. Whether you’re
seeking occasional guidance or intensive ongoing
support, we have a range of solutions to suit your
needs. Watch the video to learn more about us.

How It Works

All our plans are designed to help you lose and
maintain weight in the long term by addressing 4
key pillars of successful weight management: a
balanced and healthy diet, physical activity,
Simpeace (emotional and spiritual health) and
resolving any underlying, weight-related medical
conditions. This is combined with decades of
medical expertise to bring you weight loss
solutions that are safe, effective and lasting.

Medication for Weight Loss, Women's Health & Men's Health

Need weight loss medication but not keen on joining a full plan? No worries, simply fill out our online health
screening consultation and get approved to purchase Wegovy® from a UK licensed pharmacy, together with
online support from us! For details of all the medications available to buy from us, visit the page below

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