It is the spookiest time of the year with many of us celebrating Halloween around the world. We may choose to get dressed up in scary costumes or use the opportunity to impersonate a famous person. Our houses may be transformed by jack o’lanterns, spider webs, skeletons or other ghoulish decor. Some people choose to attend halloween parties whereas others prefer to stay in with some treats and a horror movie. Whichever way we choose to get into the spirit of Halloween, it can’t be denied that indulging in sugary treats is often at the heart of all festivities. 

Trick or Treat is an exciting Halloween pastime enjoyed by many children and their families. Participants call on various doors in their neighbourhood, asking for sweet treats or risk having a “trick” played on them. Whether you’re part of the sugar hunt or simply a generous benefactor stocking up on sweets for unexpected visitors, it’s very likely that your sugar consumption increases at this time of year. 

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